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fredag 3. mars 2017

January 28, 29

Me and a friend joined in on a small meeting in The Hague with some longboarders to go on a cruise to Scheveningen (The beach, which is 40min away on longboard). So we all went from the local board shop, with a group of 8-10 people. It was a fun ride, i fell only 2 times. (I had a week to practice okay) so i was still a rookie, but i got there in the end. When we were at the beach we were just chilling, drank som tea and coffee and went back again. 

                                           It was a lot of fun, and met some great people!

January, 29

Today i went to a war museum with my uncle and nephew, always wanted to go there and it was really cool!

The Hague, January 21

Been sightseeing Den Hague today and just been chilling with friends. Also got to buy a shortboard, something i wanted for a long time. Basically a skateboard with bigger wheels and without the curve up on either side. Thing is a lot of fun and haven't used my bike anymore! (except when it rains)

As you may already know The Hague is the political capital of Holland, here is the highest court and all the laws get written here etc.. Beautiful City!

            Here are some pictures 😄

Week 4, January

My apologies for not posting anything for quite a while now, its been a blast so far and couldn't find the time writing on this blog, but i will try my best updating it as much as i can. 😄

So i've been working a lot this week, and still trying to figure out the rutines and finding ''work'' to do. It's getting better and better so its just getting used to the workplace and people. The workplace is very well adapted to everyones needs, which makes it easier for us to do our jobs. The air is healthy, its always clean and everything is in place thanks to LEAN. Something we also use in Norway.

Its very well organised and the employees are well educated. Fun thing is, is that the difference between nurses and health care workers is almost non existent. This is because of the high quality of education here in Holland. Everyone (fysio, ergo, doctor, nurses, health care workers) all work in harmony together and there is almost no mis communication between the groups. All the clients recieve the care they need.

Here are some pictures of work:
The hallway, every cutout is where 2 rooms for patients are

The room where we meet in the morning, and eat in the breaks

Little trolley with equipment to measure: bloodpressure, bloodsugar

Alarm system (same as Landmo)

Lights work with motion sensor, shower seat is mounted on the wall and everything is adapted for all types of patients

The sink in the bathroom
Hight adjustment capable

Uniforms for men (women are a bit different but much is the same)
its just a jacket nothing more. we wear our private shoes, 

One of the cutoffs, here you see 2 doors for the rooms.
Note that there are no names, this is because of privacy

Changing room, with enough closets for everyone 

fredag 20. januar 2017

Hamm, Germany 13/01 - 15/01 - 2017

This is by far one of the most special trips i have ever done in my life, and it has been an experience i wont soon forget. You're probably wondering how i met these people all the way in Hamm, well. It all started when i met a guy, called Yannik almost 1 year ago in a game called Counter Strike. We became good friends and skype almost every day with each other. After a while he introduced me to his friends, Sindy, Jonas, and Laura. We started skyping often and got along with each other. And now that im in Holland i thought why not pay a visit, so i did. We planned it and i was so excited for the trip! So after almost a year we finally got to meet in real life. So these are the 3 days i had in Hamm:

Friday 13/01 - 17
After a night where i didnt get any sleep i was pretty hyped even though it was 05:50 in the morning. I got myself ready to take the train at 07:30, packing my bag doing the dishes etc.. Took my first train from Oss to Nijmegen, but it stopped halfway there because of a tree on the tracks... so i already got delayed more than 1 hour. Finally in Nijmegen i took the next train to Venlo. For some stupid reason i got off one stop earlier so i ended up in Bleric, here i waited 20min before noticing the mistake i made. Took the next train that took me to Venlo, and ran as fast i could to catch the train to Hamm. Finally in the Train that takes me directly from Venlo to Hamm, train took 2,5 hours so i had the chance to sleep most of the journey. 

Hamm, DE
13:35 Finally in Hamm, got a warm welcome by Yannik, Sindy, Louisa, Lea and Laura. It was pretty insane meeting them all in person instead of on the internet, so i was pretty nervous. Yannik and i took the bus to his home and got to meet his family and the place i will stay at these few days. We ate some spagetti and went to the mall to see whats up. At 18:00 we went to a restaurant with Yannik, Jonas, Lea, Laura, Sindy and Louisa and got ourselves some food, i think we all had a great time. Even though there's a language barrier for me, i had a lot of fun. Later that evening Yavuz came by, i met him at the same time with Yannik almost a year ago, so it was awesome getting to meet him too now in person! 

Saturday 14/01 - 17
Had a great breakfast before heading to the train station at 13:00. We got ourselves a train ticket to Dortmund while waiting for the others to arrive. We took the next train to Dortmund and went shopping! I didnt need anything, but i had fun seeing the city and chilling with the rest.
Dortmund, DE

Dortmund, DE

When we got back from Dortmund we all went to Yannik's to chill and we had a little party in his party bunker, it was pretty lit. Yannik's mom came by to take some polaroid pictures of us. Later that evening we were just chillin.

Dropping fire

Together with

Lea, Sindy, me and Louisa

Together with

Sindy, Lea, Louisa, Jonas, Yannik and me

Sunday 15/01 - 17
Last day in Hamm, woke up late. Im taking the train at 13:25. So we were just chilling in his room till i got dropped off at the train station. Said goodbye, and went off to Holland again!

Thank you all so much for an awesome time, and especially my bro, Yannik.

See you soon :D